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Staying sane with #Emacs (when facing drudge work): !gnu !fs !gn
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My cleanest #Emacs config to date is in the list of nice emacs config files at ! — thanks to @ebanders!
It’s Magit! And you’re the magician! · Endless Parentheses
There’s nothing I can praise about Magit that hasn’t been written in a dozen blogs already, but since Jonas started a kickstarter campaign for it I knew I had to say something. If you use Magit, you already know the greatness of it. And if you don’t, hopefully I can convince you to try it in time to back the campaign.

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I'm trying to add info files to my Emacs for git, python, perl, and so on. But it isn't always easy. I noticed that the perl manual pages don't always work: and (huh?) and then it doesn't work in Emacs: the page comes up empty. This makes me sad.

Org-Mode 9.2 is Out

org-mode 9.2 is out for a few days - here's the more significant changes.

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