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Federated code hosting

Are you interested in #federated #code hosting? This term means a site like #GitHub, #GitLab, #Cogs or #Gitea - but instead of all servers being an individual part of the #web, they talk to each other just like servers in the #fediverse. Imagine being able to open issues, make pull requests and engage in discussion, to any other repository from your own personal code hosting server?

Approximately one year ago #Microsoft bought GitHub, kicking of something that become a group of people discussing formalizing a specification for federated code hosting platforms. This specification work ended up with the name #ForgeFed and is currently developed by the #Peers community. The end result will be a set of extensions on top of #ActivityPub that allows any code hosting platform to federate with any other code hosting platform.

ForgeFed is using the brand new #Feneas forum for discussing various spec items. Everybody is welcome to participate, though especially good would be to get people from the various code hosting platforms to give their thoughts about what they would be happy to implement.

Join the discussion here:

The ForgeFed repository for the specification is hosted at notabug.

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It's been estimated that today's #Cloudflare outage is effecting about 10% of all websites world-wide.

If a lot of your online world is down right now, your word and research topic for the day is #decentralization
If you haven't found a good instance of #peertube yet you might want to try , a pretty open instance but still regulates copyrighted content, porn and facism.

It has a unlimited upload limit and might be a great start for content creators wanting to get into peertube!

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human/machine interface 
Revolt on the horizon? How young people really feel about digital technology

"Our research with 400 digital natives ( #GenTech ) may be the one to turn the digital revolution on its head. Our findings point to a frustration and disillusionment with the way organisations have accumulated real-time information about consumers without their knowledge and often without their explicit consent."
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As a late birthday gift to myself, my #FreedomBox #Olimex server was delivered 😎
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