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In eigener Sache: Neue Workshops zu agilem Arbeiten und Selbstmanagement #Golemde #Agile #Arbeit #Internet
Die Perversion agiler Metaphern #Agile #Agilität #Scrum #Software #Softwareentwicklung
OH: "This team has three developers. A developer can normally deliver 5 story points per Sprint, so the team velicity is 15."

Yikes, where do I even start explaining how wrong this is? Maybe by pointing out the team has also testers? #agile #bullshit

A discussion of the Definition of Done and how it's about avoiding contact with the customer.Sorry, I'm not so impressed. Not everybody lives in Startup land. Yes, of course, if that's your situation, by all means release to real customers ASAP. Same if you have the luxury situatkon to release several times a day, great monitoring, quick rollback or other means of painless fixes. For the rest of us, I'm afraid a classical DoD will still be helpful.
Redefining Done
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