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I'm Maria Popova, and This Is How I Work

Maria Popova is the mind behind Brain Pickings, a highly influential and addictive curation of the best content from the web and beyond. As she describes it, Brain Pickings is "your LEGO treasure chest, full of pieces across art, design, science, technology, philosophy, history, politics, psychology, sociology, ecology, anthropology, you-name-itology." Maria reads hundreds of things a day (yes, a day!) and posts the best to her blog and constantly-updating Twitter feed. Though Brain Pickings takes over 450 hours of work each month, it's not all Maria does—she's also an editorial director at Lore, a social network for higher education. We talked to Maria about how she manages it all—from the playlists that keep her inspired to the apps that keep her organized.
Knowing what people do and replicate is one of the things I'm trying to apply to my life.

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Primitive (KISS) note taking system

I am using VIM as my editor for some time now, and the more I learn how to use it efficently , the more I love it.GIt is another application I use, so I have a terminal open all the time. Now I found a simple system for memos and notes, which I adapted a little bit for my needs. I completed my .bashrc like so:


n () {
        $EDITOR ~/Dokumente/Notizen/"$*_"`date +"%Y-%m-%d_%H:%M"`.txt

nls() {
         ls -t ~/Dokumente/Notizen/ | grep "$*"

Now typing
n testnote
opens up a new file which looks like this "testnote_2019-04-07_13:47.txt" in VIM (or your standard editor) to edit and save it.

lists my notes in chronological order.

This is the article by Jack Mottram where I found this simple system:

Turn Your Command Line into a Fast and Simple Note-Taking Tool

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RSS Is Better Than Twitter - unless you like adverts, trolls, a limited source for news, abusive comments...

There is a good reason people call Twitter the hell website. Cynicism, egos, unprovoked hostility, unchecked propaganda, sexism, bigotry, and outright hate — Twitter is as full of it as virtually anywhere online, and worse, it’s unbearably nonstop. Worse it controls what you see and in what order (and of course you can only follow Twitter accounts).

RSS is a family of technologies that give you a simple feed from a spot on the web — a news site, a podcast, a blog — into your RSS reader. It’s a timeline of sorts, yes, but it runs at a sane speed, and it stays in your control, unlike Facebook or Twitter’s unknowable whims, and it excludes the vast majority of toxic noise that characterizes so much of social media. Folks, RSS is still good. More than just good, RSS is better in many ways than Twitter.

Invented exactly 20 years ago this month on the back-end of a feverish dot-com boom, RSS (Real Simple Syndication) has persisted as a technology despite Google’s infamous abandonment with the death of Google Reader and Silicon Valley social media companies trying and succeeding to supplant it. In the six years since Google shut down Reader, there have been a million words written about the technology’s rise and apparent fall.

With RSS you decide what feeds/sources you follow (there are tricks to be able to follow Twitter accounts too), you can easily mark off what you have read or mark a particular feed as all read in one go, minus all the adds, comments, and clutter.

Although RSS tech may be old (like e-mail) you can use some really nice mobile apps and if you work via a cloud-based RSS reader like Feedly, InoReader, Newsblur, etc you can sync across your desktops and mobile devices. Some of the apps present a very clean configurable user interface. If you see something of interest two clicks will take a dive into the post/article at the website.

If you want to keep track of various blogs, news, and social feeds from many different places then an RSS reader is the way to go to enjoy it in an orderly fashion in one place.


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