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Sudan's internet blackout has gained global attention, but it's not unique. Shut downs are on the rise around the world. #Internet #Censorship #HumanRights #Socialmedia #Sudan #Protests #Elections #Privacy&Surveillance #Privacy

Photos of travellers who entered and exited the U.S. were stolen in a data breach - If it were a private company who'd be held liable?

Photos of travelers collected by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) have been compromised in a data breach, the agency revealed on Monday. "The subcontractor’s network was subsequently compromised by a malicious cyber-attack. No CBP systems were compromised."

Irrespective of who was finally at fault, citizens trust an agency (or do not trust, but are forced to trust) to collect private data and they expect that agency to take all measures to safeguard it. Here in South Africa, we have the POPI Act which can hold CEO's of companies privately liable and could result in jail terms. All these laws though are not worth the paper they are written on until someone really does go to jail. So what happens with government agencies? Does someone really get ultimately held liable and get sent to jail? If so, we can expect serious changes to the protection of data with "trust no-one" policies in place.

It's also yet another wakeup call why backdoors cannot be trusted. They always get found out and the humans in the chain are the weak links - then all your backdoors are out there and exposed...

You either have security or you don't have security.... there is no half security.


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Photos of travelers who entered and exited the U.S. were stolen in a data breach

It comes after CBP said it'd look to expand facial recognition at airports.
#unitoodailynews, #tor, #privacy, #humanrights, #anonymity New Release: Tor Browser 9.0a2 | Tor Blog
#unitoodailynews, #tor, #privacy, #humanrights, #anonymity New release: BridgeDB 0.7.1 | Tor Blog
#unitoodailynews, #tor, #privacy, #humanrights, #anonymity New alpha release: Tor | Tor Blog
#unitoodailynews, #tor, #privacy, #humanrights, #anonymity Pride and Privacy | Tor Blog
#unitoodailynews, #tor, #privacy, #humanrights, #anonymity New Release: Tor Browser 8.5.1 | Tor Blog
For a #visa for the #USA you have to give them your email address and your #socialmedia accounts 😲

Luckily, #ESTA countries are not affected. If they change that, USA is done for me. 😞
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Kuidas guugel luurab ja mismoodi seda takistada

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Serious question: Are there any multiroom audio systems that won't spy on me? It seems that everything has Alexa integrated and/or requires an online account and access.

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Turvalised lahendused. Privaatsus on väärtus.

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"Cars not only know how much we weigh but also track how much weight we gain. They know how fast we drive, where we live, how many children we have — even financial information. Connect a phone to a #car, and it knows who we call and who we text."
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Leaving Apple & Google: /e/ smartphones, /e/ app store and a Pie – /e/

the latest /e/ newsletter- 1300 phones sold + a new app store launched. Become part of the movement now!!!! #eelo #privacy #android @/e/ Foundation @Gaël Duval
Leaving Apple & Google: /e/ smartphones, /e/ app store and a Pie
#unitoodailynews, #tor, #privacy, #humanrights, #anonymity New alpha release: Tor | Tor Blog

Küberpätid võtsid terve USA linna pantvangi


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#Privacy #DoNotTrack legislation forthcoming?
Installed #Microsoft #PowerPoint for Android on my phone for viewing PPTX attachments, saw this screen and uninstalled it right away. No thanks.
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Anonymize Your Android Browsing with Tor's New App

After several months of testing, the first stable, public build of a Tor browser for Android is finally available on the Google Play Store.

For those who don’t have much experience with the open-source browser, Tor is built around privacy and autonomy.

Tor is often cited as an important tool for those with a public online presence, such as journalists or activists, but any privacy-minded user can benefit from Tor. The browser has become popular enough that even Mozilla is interested in making use of Tor’s technology in Firefox.


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Irish statutory inquiry to investigate if Google flouted privacy laws #Ireland #Google #Europe #Technology #Worldnews #Privacy #Dataprotection #EuropeanUnion
Irish statutory inquiry to investigate if Google flouted privacy laws #Ireland #Google #Europe #Technology #Worldnews #Privacy #Dataprotection #EuropeanUnion
#unitoodailynews, #tor, #privacy, #humanrights, #anonymity New Release: Tor Browser 9.0a1 | Tor Blog
#unitoodailynews, #tor, #privacy, #humanrights, #anonymity New Release: Tor Browser 8.5 | Tor Blog
#Privacy #Advertising Another reason to prevent Ad Tracking, price gouging!
"In einem heute publizierten Urteil setzt der Europäische Gerichtshof für Menschenrechte (EGMR) ein wichtiges Zeichen für die Medienfreiheit. Die Richter erachteten es als legitim, dass Medien verdeckte Aufnahmen machen können."
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So finden Sie versteckte Kameras in Ihrem Airbnb-Appartement

Und die #FPÖ hat sich mit genau den von #Kickl vorgeschlagenen Maßnahmen aufdecken lassen.

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Exclusive: "More Data": Negativland's video short about data privacy and surveillance





  或許,Open Source會是另一個讓人得以喘息找到生存空間的新世界。

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Exclusive: "More Data": Negativland's video short about data privacy and surveillance

Google has been tracking nearly everything you buy online — see for yourself with this tool - The "Transparency" is Great but why are they tracking my non-Google purchases?

Google has been quietly keeping track of nearly every single online purchase you’ve ever made, thanks to purchase receipts sent to your personal Gmail account, according to a new report today from CNBC. Even stranger: this information is made available to you via a private web tool that’s been active for an indeterminate amount of time.

“To help you easily view and keep track of your purchases, bookings and subscriptions in one place, we’ve created a private destination that can only be seen by you,” Google told The Verge in a statement.

Why would a company spend money doing something I don't think any of us asked for, and only we see it? You mean Google really can't see it?

You can go view it here from a link at

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Differential Privacy

Comparing Truncation to Differential Privacy

Traditional methods of data de-identification obscure data values. For
example, you might truncate a date to just the year.

Differential privacy obscures query values by injecting enough noise
to keep from revealing information on an individual.

Let’s compare two approaches for de-identifying a person’s age:
truncation and differential privacy.


First consider truncating birth date to year. For example, anyone born
between January 1, 1955 and December 31, 1955 would be recorded as being
born in 1955. This effectively produces a 100% confidence interval that
is one year wide.

Next we’ll compare this to a 95% confidence interval using
ε-differential privacy.

Differential privacy

Differential privacy adds noise in proportion to the sensitivity Δ of a
query. Here sensitivity means the maximum impact that one record could
have on the result. For example, a query that counts records has
sensitivity 1.

Suppose people live to a maximum of 120 years. Then in a database with
n records [1], one person’s presence in or absence from the database
would make a difference of no more than 120/n years, the worst case
corresponding to the extremely unlikely event of a database of n-1
newborns and one person 120 year old.

The Laplace mechanism implements ε-differential privacy by adding noise
with a Laplace(Δ/ε) distribution, which in our example means

A 95% confidence interval for a Laplace distribution with scale b
centered at 0 is

[b log 0.05, –b log 0.05]

which is very nearly

[-3b, 3b].

In our case b = 120/nε, and so a 95% confidence interval for the
noise we add would be [-360/nε, 360/nε].

When n = 1000 and ε = 1, this means we’re adding noise that’s usually
between -0.36 and 0.36, i.e. we know the average age to within about 4
months. But if n = 1, our confidence interval is the true age ± 360.
Since this is wider than the a priori bounds of [0, 120], we’d
truncate our answer to be between 0 and 120. So we could query for the
age of an individual, but we’d learn nothing.

The width of our confidence interval is 720/ε, and so to get a
confidence interval one year wide, as we get with truncation, we would
set ε = 720. Ordinarily ε is much smaller than 720 in application, say
between 1 and 10, which means differential privacy reveals far less
information than truncation does.

Even if you truncate age to decade rather than year, this still
reveals more information than differential privacy provided ε < 72.

Related posts

[1]Ordinarily even the number of records in the database is kept
private, but we’ll assume here that for some reason we know the number
of rows a priori.

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Comparing Truncation to Differential Privacy

John D. Cook: Comparing Truncation to Differential Privacy

"In our demo, we show how an attacker can monitor the websites the victim is visiting despite using the #privacy-protecting #Tor browser in a #virtualmachine."
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Holy moly: A truly monstrous async web chat using no #JavaScript whatsoever on the front-end:

This is some terrible news for #privacy-aware people: You'd have to disable #CSS somehow and not only install #NoScript 😲
#unitoodailynews, #tor, #privacy, #humanrights, #anonymity Mozilla Research Call: Tune up Tor for Integration and Scale | Tor Blog
#unitoodailynews, #tor, #privacy, #humanrights, #anonymity New Release: Tor Browser 8.5a12 | Tor Blog
I ❤️ #ÖAMTC #autotouring Magazin.

Themen der Maiausgabe:
S.12: potentielle/mutige Maßnahmen gegen #Klimawandel (aber #Hofer ist sicher zu feige)
S.14: Kreditkarte ab 13,80€/Jahr? Notiert! 💳
S.16: 🇪🇺 #EUWahl Kandidaten befragt zu #Umwelt #Datenschutz #Privacy #Verkehr
S.20: Kredit vs. Leasing 💶
S.30: #Microlino, die neue #Isetta als e-Auto
S.34: #eAuto Batterieentwicklungen 🔋

👍 🚗
#unitoodailynews, #tor, #privacy, #humanrights, #anonymity NoScript Temporarily Disabled in Tor Browser | Tor Blog
As a late birthday gift to myself, my #FreedomBox #Olimex server was delivered 😎
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Purism, the privacy-orientated Linux device company (Librem range of laptops), has launched a “bundle” of mobile apps and services for Android and iOS

Purism’s Librem range of laptops are considered the best, ‘most-free’ laptops that money can buy, giving Linux enthusiasts as much control over their hardware as possible via a combination of signed software, hardware kill switches, and open firmware.

And with the upcoming Librem 5 Linux phone, Purism is also catering to mobile users who desire the same broad level of control over hardware in their pocket.

Okay, here’s the big rub: some of the apps and services offered in the Librem One suite are not free to use. But that’s kind of the whole point.

Your data isn’t currency when you use these apps; your privacy not bartered in exchange for access. Hence the costs; you pay with money, not your data.

Those who don’t want to pay anything are catered for too. Both the Librem Chat and Librem Social apps can be downloaded and used for free, gratis, no catch, on Android and iOS using a Librem One Basic account.


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Use this test to check if your browser uses Secure DNS, DNSSEC, TLS 1.3, and Encrypted SNI - Only Firefox supports all four right now

Cloudflare's Browsing Experience Security Check online tool tests the capabilities of the web browser in regards to certain privacy and security related features.

For a subset of Internet users, privacy is of uttermost importance. While the majority seems indifferent, some try their best to implement protective mechanisms to eliminate or at least reduce what companies and maybe even State actors may find out about them when they use the Internet.

Whether that is successful or not depends on the program used to connect to Internet sites, e.g. a browser or media client, and also the system configuration.

The push to using HTTPS on the Internet ensured that much of the data that is transferred between a user's browser or program and Internet sites is encrypted. New technologies, such as Secure DNS or Cloudflare's own encrypted Server Name Indication (SNI) are designed to address leaks caused by DNS queries.

The only browser that supports all four of the features at the time is Firefox. Two of the features are still in development and testing though.

Try running the test at where there are instructions on how to fix these settings for Firefox

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Another argument why you shouldn't connect your #smartTV to the internet. 🙄
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Facebook was caught asking users to hand over passwords for their personal email accounts in order to sign-up to the social network - they have since said they will stop "offering" this

I just missed this amongst the weekly news of different privacy breaches by Facebook. But this one really takes the cake and was clearly no accident. It's so bad that I initially thought it was just fake news, but no it was true and Mark Zuckerberg is probably apologising and saying "they can do better" yet again...

I can now truly understand why there are moves amongst Facebook shareholders to remove Mark as CEO and also why there are other moves afoot now to hold him liable in a personal capacity in court for some of the breaches. It has been coming to the fore now that there was intentional recklessness with private information supposedly for profit/market shares sake.


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Proof that NextCloud protects its users' encrypted data from admins - it rendered my data unusable after a password "loss"

I had been messing with database users over the weekend and I probably messed something up so yesterday when I tried to login to my NextCloud hosting I was greeted with an error message for my password. Performing a password reset greeted me with the message below saying my data would no longer be accessible after the reset. This is a very good thing because what is the point of encrypted data if an admin can perform a password reset and then login and read your data. I'm always suspicious if a messaging service or hoster can allow a password reset and then you can access your data = means they can do the same for themselves or law enforcement.

If a hoster says to you your data is unrecoverable after a password is lost or reset you can think about trusting them.

So my online data was encrypted and unreadable after I logged in but its not all doom and gloom because the nature of NextCloud is that I sync that data to my various devices. I just renamed that local folder on my computer, did the reset, deleted the online data, and copied the data back into the local folder on my folder to resync back to NextCloud.

Note if you have not enabled encryption on your NextCloud server then your data is unaffected. But good to know if you host your own NextCloud instance at a 3rd party hoster, they're not going to be snooping on your encrypted data. NextCloud is also a great sharing service to host for friends and family. They've been adding more and more functionality like calendar syncing, kanboards, todo lists, contacts sync, and many other productivity tools.

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Latest Google Chrome update draws government and telecom concerns - Encrypted version of the web browser could endanger children's safety online

Critics of the encrypted version of the browser, which is currently available for download but not the default version, argue that it could make it more difficult for companies to block harmful material online as it will bypass most parental control systems.

As it stands now, harmful materials like terrorist propaganda and child-abuse images are blocked by internet companies through filters that scan the web's domain name servers.

I'm still in two minds about this as often agencies use the excuse of terrorism and child porn to impose more of their restrictions on us (their law-abiding citizens). I'd hope everyone is against instigating violence (terrorism can be a very relative term to whatever country you live in) and harm to children but we must also be careful where that is used to unfairly combat genuine freedoms of expression and resisting oppression.

What is also emerging is that with web/cloud services the desktop is becoming irrelevant and control of the browser is becoming paramount. We do also have to be concerned about the companies managing the browsers and 3rd party extensions we install.

On the plus side, we do have international open standards for browsers as well as many alternatives browsers. For me, open standards and interoperability are most important as they offer choice to users. So this is a familiar discussion again. I'm going to re-read George Orwell's 1984 and cover the camera on my wall TV's '-)


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#Mozilla #Firefox to Enable #Hyperlink Ping #Tracking By Default

Mozilla has told BleepingComputer that they will be enabling the tracking #feature called hyperlink auditing, or Pings, by default in Firefox. There is no timeline for when this feature will be enabled, but it will be done when their #implementation is complete.
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Facebook uploaded 1.5m users’ e-mail contacts without their consent probably to create shadow profiles - Only YOU can make a difference here…

Facebook harvested the e-mail contacts of 1.5 million new users who joined the site since 2016 and did so without their consent.

The social network has said it “unintentionally uploaded” the e-mail contacts after asking some users to e-mail passwords when signing up to the site as a way of verifying their identity — a practice widely criticized by security experts.

According to a report by Business Insider, those who did enter their password then saw a pop-up message telling them their contacts were being imported to Facebook, without asking for permission to do so first.

The incident is the latest in a growing list of data privacy breaches to hit the social network.

Facebook said the flaw had been caused by a feature which had allowed users to confirm their account and import their e-mail contacts at the same time; however, a redesign in 2016 had removed some of the language which explained this but was still uploading contacts in some cases.


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#NOYB verteidigt unsere Rechte gegenüber den Großkonzernen, die unser #Privacy mit Füßen treten:

Werde Mitglied, damit auch du einen kleinen Beitrag zu dem Projekt beiträgst. Wir werden deren Arbeit leider immer öfter bitter nötig haben.
#unitoodailynews, #tor, #privacy, #humanrights, #anonymity Ecuador: Free Ola Bini | Tor Blog
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