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While most victims are white, overdose deaths are rising faster among black people and Latino Americans. #UnitedStates #US&Canada #Health #Drugs #Prescriptiondrugs
Scientists have gathered in Geneva to better regulate research into human genome editing. #Health #Science&Technology #Science
Emergency measures keep vaccinations compulsory while growing movement says it should be personal choice. #Europe #Italy #Health
Gene editing is a breakthrough technology that may be able to help fix faulty DNA. #Health #China
Residents fear for their future after pollution in North Macedonia's capital reaches alarming levels. #NorthMacedonia #Health #Europe
Pneumonic plague is caused by the Yersinia pestis bacteria, usually found in small mammals and their fleas. #Health #Africa #Uganda #DemocraticRepublicoftheCongo
Scientists estimate pollution caused 8.8 million extra deaths in 2015, more than about seven million caused by smoking. #Pollution #Environment #Health #Europe
Preliminary findings revealed that the deaths were 'likely caused by septic shock resulting from blood infections'. #Tunisia #MiddleEast #Health
WHO will continue serving the 'vulnerable', Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus says during tour of repeatedly raided facility. #DemocraticRepublicoftheCongo #Ebola #Health #Africa #WorldHealthOrganization
Attack comes on same day as WHO chief is due to visit the centre, located at Butembo in North Kivu province. #DemocraticRepublicoftheCongo #Health #Africa #Ebola
Close to 1,000 people - mostly children - have died of the disease in the past five months. #Africa #Madagascar #Health
Blackout endangers hospital patients already struggling to cope from economic crisis that's led to food and medicine shortages. #Health #Venezuela #JuanGuaido #NicolasMaduro
Medical charity raises alarm over 'deepening community distrust' as deadly epidemic continues to claim lives. #DemocraticRepublicoftheCongo #Ebola #Health #Africa
Health workers battling Ebola in Democratic Republic of Congo are facing 'a climate of deepening community mistrust' nearly seven months after the outbreak began, Doctors Without Borders warns. #Africa #DemocraticRepublicoftheCongo #Health
Years of economic hardship are taking a shocking toll on Venezuela's most vulnerable, leaving psychiatric patients without doctors, food or medicine. #LatinAmerica #Venezuela #Health
Ohio teen who got vaccinated despite his mother's beliefs speaks to Hill panel. #US&Canada #Health
As Venezuelans pour across the border, health workers in Colombia's Cucuta say that hospitals are at a breaking point. #Colombia #Venezuela #Health #Maternalhealth #HumanRights #LatinAmerica
Many people continue to resist vaccinating their kids despite small chance of adverse reactions. #Health
When women follow their husbands on an expatriate journey, they often experience loneliness and loss of self worth. #Health #Mentalhealth #Women #MiddleEast
Although the patient has been in remission for 18 months, doctors cautioned it was too early to say he had been cured. #HIV #Aids #Health
Four people with confirmed cases of the highly contagious virus are still missing after fleeing the scene. #Africa #Health

Muscle Weighs More Than Fat

Actually, it's not an accurate statement. When placed on a scale, one pound of fat is going to weigh the same as one pound of muscle. What differs is the density. Muscle is about 18% more dense than fat and one pound of muscle has less volume than one pound of fat.
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A warning that healthcare services across the UK may suffer if Britain leaves the EU without a Brexit deal. #Europe #UnitedKingdom #Health #EuropeanUnion #Brexit
Scores of others sickened by hooch laced with methyl alcohol, days after a similar tragedy killed over 100 people. #India #Asia #Health
Thousands of women rally in front of Argentina's Congress to relaunch campaign for legal abortion. #Health #Argentina #LatinAmerica #Abortion
Many are being helped by the app, but hospitals and health centres have limited facilities and getting the blood to those who need it in time is proving to be a huge challenge. #MiddleEast #Yemen #Health
Amazing: new test voor sepsis cuts down diagnostic time from 72 hours to 2.5 minutes! #health #diagnostics
About half of the 136 people who died were children aged one to four, health officials say. #Health #AsiaPacific #Philippines

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5 Yoga Poses Every Programmer Should Try - Simple Programmer

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Breast Cancer

Knowledge Saves Lives

  • Breast cancer is the most common cause of cancer in women worldwide, accounting for 18% of all female malignancies._
  • In the United States, a woman has more than a 12% lifetime risk of developing breast cancer and approximately 22% risk of dying from the disease.

Know Your Risk Factors

Although 70% of affected women have no known predisposing factors, definite risk factors are well established.
► age: more than 3/4 of breast cancer cases occur in women 50 years or older
► family history: familial history and/or genetic predisposition
► menstrual/pregnancy history: early or delayed menarche, no pregnancies, or first live birth after age 35
► history of breast conditions

Examine Your Breasts Regularly
If you have any lumps, pain, nipple discharge, or discomfort then notify your doctor.
Cancer Principles & Practice of Oncology, 5th ed.
Bates' Guide to Physical Examination 8th ed.
*survival rates vary depending on source
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Body Fat

What's your percentage?
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Recurrent Urinary Tract Infections

You must treat the cause of the infection not just the infection.

Antibiotics will kill the infection but if someone keeps getting infections (UTIs) then the underlying cause needs to be treated. Most MDs do not have the time, or knowledge, to investigate the pathophysiology (the physiology behind the pathology). This article covers the two most common contributing factors.

Signs & Symptoms

➤ increased urination
➤ discoloration of urine or cloudy urine
➤ burning urination (sometimes with sharp pain)
➤ blood in urine
➤ unusual odor of urine
➤ back pain

A person can have a UTI without any of the above symptoms. Diagnosis is confirmed with urine analysis.

Top Two Causes

Recurrent infections means there is a problem causing irritation to the urinary tract system and ultimately compromising immune function which allows for an infection to occur (bacteria are opportunistic and spread where they can). The top two causes are from either the bottom up or from the top down (or a combination of the two).

From the Top Down

At the top of the urinary tract system are the kidneys. In this scenario, the person is flushing something through the kidneys which is irritating the pee tube (called the ureter) which connects to the bladder. Flushing something means the person's body has identified something as poison and is attempting to rid the itself of it through urinary excretion. This person may have noticed increased urination prior to the infection, especially if there is nighttime urination. The substance they excrete irritates the mucosal lining of the transitional epithelium of the tube which causes inflammation and reduces immune function.


For example, if someone drinks a lot of beer the body will begin to eliminate the alcohol as a toxic substance. Even though they are drinking liquid, the body metabolizes the alcohol in the liver and then gets rid of it by flushing it out through the kidneys. This explains the dehydration as flushing requires water. The main question for the patient suffering top down irritation is: what are they flushing? It could be alcohol (if they drink often) or it could be a response to a medication they are taking. However, the most common is sugar. If a person develops a carbohydrate metabolic disorder (an abnormal response to carbohydrates) they will not get access to the sugars they eat. The sugars will either convert to fat or get flushed out through the kidneys in the urine (called glucosuria). In the old days, this was referred to as "ant urine" because the ants would go to the urine (because there was sugar in it).

This flushing mechanism can occur even when there is not measurable glucose in the urine as it is a protective flushing response triggered by sensitivity to carbohydrates. For example, I once had a teenage patient that was urinating 8-9 times a night. His other doctors could not figure out the cause and failed to give a diagnosis. After a complete intake, I thought he had dysglycemia (carbohydrate intolerance). I simply reduced the amount of carbohydrates in his diet. Within one week his symptoms were 100% better.

If you think you suffer from UTIs related to dysglycemia, you may want to follow the RESET Food Plan.

Symptoms of Top Down UTIs

➤ craving carbohydrate rich foods or sweets
➤ irritable if haven't eaten (hangry)
➤ shaky between meals or if meals are delayed
➤ increased urinary frequency
➤ nocturia (nighttime urination)
➤ irritation begins in the urethra (pee hole)

From the Bottom Up

In this scenario, the problem originates in the vagina itself (not the urethra because the irritation/inflammation is not coming from the kidneys). The vagina is an acidic environment (pH of 3.8 - 4.5) that hosts healthy bacteria which act as a microbiome just like the gut. In fact, think of the gut as the pilot light for a healthy vagina. When the gut microbiome goes down hill then the vagina microbiome (and pH) will also eventually be compromised. The irritation, in this case, begins with an irritated vagina. These patients are worse with sexual intercourse. In the old days, it was referred to as "honeymooner's cystitis" because a romantic weekend full of sex resulted in an infection. However, it's not the sex act. It's the semen.


Semen is relatively alkaline (pH 7.1 - 8.0). If the vagina is healthy and acidic then it can handle the alkaline semen. However, if the vagina has become more alkaline (not healthy) then the semen worsens and irritates the vagina setting it up for infection. Unfortunately, most MDs will prescribe antibiotics which further disrupt the gut health leading to a vicious cycle of recurrent infections. The patient may even be advised to avoid sex which is not necessary (sex is fine just avoid the semen by using a condom or "pull out"). The ultimate treatment goal for this patient is to improve the health and function of the digestive system.

Symptoms of Bottom Up UTIs

➤ bloated often
➤ gassy (especially if there is foul gas)
➤ abnormal stool patterns (soft, loose, constipated - especially if there is sense of urgency stool)
➤ sticky stool (have to wipe extra)
➤ foul smelling stool
➤ abnormal vaginal discharge (especially yellowish or smelly)
➤ vaginal irritation or itching
➤ thick tongue coat (especially if yellowish)


If there is an active infection it still needs to be treated which may involve antibiotics. For my patients, I use plant medicines that are just as effective without disrupting the gut. Once the acute infection is under control then the root cause treatments can be pursued. For top down patients they will need to discontinue consuming the irritating substance. If it is carbohydrate related then they must follow a low carbohydrate diet at least until the symptoms improve and stabilize. For these patients, my clinical treatments will be aimed at supporting kidney function and balancing blood sugars. For the bottom up patients it's all about improving the functions of the digestive system. This includes processes of digestion, assimilation, filtration, and elimination. In each area there needs to be identification of obstructions to normal function and then treatment strategies designed to repair normal function.

By treating the cause of the infection you will break the cycle of recurrent infections.

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The Indonesian resort isle is drowning in waste, authorities are banning single-use plastics. #Indonesia #Environment #AsiaPacific #Poverty&Development #Health

Study links heavily processed foods to risk of earlier death - But it is not definitively conclusive

Eating a lot of heavily processed foods is linked to a risk of earlier death, according to a study.

A team in France worked with more than 44,000 people in a study running from 2009 called NutriNet-Santé. They looked at how much of their diet – and calories – was made up of “ultra-processed” foods – those made in factories with industrial ingredients and additives, such as dried ready meals, cakes and biscuits.

The research, published in the journal Jama Internal Medicine, found that deaths were more likely to occur in those who ate more ultra-processed food.

Other scientists were unsure whether the study proved a link between ultra-processed food and an early death, but agreed it was more evidence that a junk food diet was bad for health.

A LCHF diet though encourages the consumption of whole foods (meat, vegetables, fruit) and steers away from processed food as generally sugar, additives, preservatives, etc have been added.


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Part 2:
The Framingham Heart Study, Part 2: The Framingham Observation

Part 3:
The Framingham Heart Study, Part 3: Framingham’s Presentational Flaws—Bias or Fraud?

#health #heartdisease #cholesterol
If bill becomes law, refugees held in offshore facilities could be transferred to Australia for treatment. #Australia #Nauru #HumanRights #Refugees #Health #Mentalhealth #AsiaPacific
Mountains of waste from Johannesburg's omnipresent gold industry may be ruining the health of nearby residents. #Health #SouthAfrica #Environment #Pollution #Africa
Health officials say low public trust in vaccines has dropped vaccination rates significantly. #AsiaPacific #Philippines #Health
Systematic review: seed oils (eg sunflower) are better for cholesterol than olive oil #health #food
Banishing women to a separate hut is a centuries-old Hindu tradition that was officially banned in Nepal in 2005. #WomensRights #Nepal #Health #Asia

Hawaii Is Considering Banning the Sale of Cigarettes Entirely by incrementally increasing the minimum age from 40 in 2021 to 100 by 2024

According to the Associated Press, Democratic state Representative Richard Creagan wants to increase the minimum age for buying cigarettes to 30 in 2020. The age would increase incrementally to 40 in 2021, 50 in 2022, 60 in 2023, and 100 in 2024. So unless the state has a large contingent of smoking centenarians, it seems unlikely that stores would continue to carry packs of Camels or Marlboro Lights.

However, the ban wouldn't cover all tobacco products. Cigars, chewing tobacco, and e-cigarette products (many of which contain nicotine) would remain exempt and therefore available.

Although this marks a shift in the national discussion surrounding cigarettes, the measure has historical precedent. Fifteen states banned the sale of cigarettes from 1890 to 1927, partially overlapping with Prohibition (from 1920 to 1933). The cigarette ban was deemed constitutional by the Supreme Court, but industry pressure and the appeal of tax revenue put an end to those bans.

Interesting that the previous ban in the USA was actually upheld legally, but it collapsed due to lobbying and loss of tax revenue... greedy government! Of course, now governments have spread their tax categories way wider but it will likely still not be around health considerations where things get unstuck. Politics is all about politics and stances are often taken purely along party lines (in any country).


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