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Europe’s patchwork of abortion laws is absurd. Rights must be made universal | Prune Antoine #Reproductiverights #Abortion #Health #Society #Women #Parentsandparenting #EuropeanUnion #Europe #Worldnews


Signs & Symptoms

➤ brittle nails
➤ cold extremities
➤ intolerance to cold
➤ low blood pressure
➤ foggy thinking
➤ weight gain
➤ dry skin
➤ hair falling out
➤ thinning of hair
➤ throat pain
➤ bradycardia (slow heart rate)
➤ periorbital edema (swelling around the eyes)
➤ fatigue
➤ muscle weakness
➤ cramping in the muscles
➤ fertility issues
➤ emotional mood swings
➤ irregular menstrual cycle
➤ fibromyalgia
➤ arthritis
➤ hoarseness in the throat
➤ elevated blood pressure
➤ sensitive gag reflex
➤ dyslipidemia (in particular high cholesterol)
➤ constipation
➤ depression

You can still be suffering hypothyroidism even if your labs are within range. This is because most doctors are failing to look deeper at the rest of the picture. I also posted on how to test your thyroid at home that may be useful (link in comments). Ultimately, if you are concerned then find a holistic doctor that can properly assess and diagnose.
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Hypochlorhydria is Low Stomach Acid Production

Many digestive complaints are caused by LOW stomach acid production versus too much.

Causes of Hypochlorhydria:
➤ sympathetic nervous system overload
➤ excess carbohydrate consumption (pancreatic stress)
➤ alcohol consumption
➤ transient bacterial in the lower intestines
➤ zinc or B vitamin deficiencies (especially thiamine)
➤ pathologies or dysfunctions involving the pituitary gland
➤ scarring in the GI tract from history of ulcers
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If you don't make time for your wellness you WILL make time for your illness.
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➤ a rumbling or gurgling noise made by the movement of fluid and gas in the intestines.
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Amputee in France ‘betrayed’ by photograph of his disability found displayed on packets

A man living in France has lodged a complaint after claiming an image of his amputated leg was used as a health warning on tobacco packets through the EU without his permission.

The sixty-year old man, who lives in Metz, eastern France, was reported to be stunned after finding a picture of his amputated leg on a packet of rolling tobacco, alongside the message “smoking clogs your arteries”. #France #Advertising #Europeancommission #Health #Tobaccoindustry #Business #Europe #EuropeanUnion

Food Industry Bliss Point

In the formulation of food products, the bliss point is the amount of ingredients such as salt, sugar, or fat which optimizes addictive cravings.
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Austria becomes first EU country to ban glyphosate weedkiller

Austria has voted to ban glyphosate, the main ingredient in Bayer-Monsanto’s notorious Roundup weedkiller, becoming the first EU country to outlaw the chemical, creating a PR disaster for the troubled German company.

“The scientific evidence of the plant poison’s carcinogenic effect is increasing. It is our responsibility to ban this poison from our environment,” Social Democratic Party leader Pamela Rendi-Wagner said in a statement on Tuesday. The resolution passed with the cooperation of her party, the right-wing Freedom Party and the liberal Neos Party, and remains only to be signed by President Alexander van der Bellen, a former Green Party leader, unless the upper house of parliament objects.

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Austria becomes first EU country to ban glyphosate weedkiller

Austria has voted to ban glyphosate, the main ingredient in Bayer-Monsanto’s notorious Roundup weedkiller, becoming the first EU country to outlaw the chemical, creating a PR disaster for the troubled German company.

“The scientific evidence of the plant poison’s carcinogenic effect is increasing. It is our responsibility to ban this poison from our environment,” Social Democratic Party leader Pamela Rendi-Wagner said in a statement on Tuesday. The resolution passed with the cooperation of her party, the right-wing Freedom Party and the liberal Neos Party, and remains only to be signed by President Alexander van der Bellen, a former Green Party leader, unless the upper house of parliament objects.

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In one year the thyroid gland secretes approximately one teaspoon of thyroid hormone which drives the metabolic rate of every single cell in the human body.
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Death toll in Eastern Europe and Central Asia rises by 5 percent in the past nine years, and 9 percent in the Middle East and North Africa. #Health
Dr Leana Wen cites 'philosophical differences over the direction and future' of the US's leading abortion provider. #US&Canada #UnitedStates #Abortion #Health #WomensRights #HumanRights
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If you take a look at the nutritional profile of an avocado, you will be very impressed. It contains almost every single common vitamin and mineral that you can think of, including vitamins A, C, E & K, the B vitamins, potassium, zinc, magnesium, phosphorus and iron.

Commonly mistaken for being a vegetable, the avocado is in fact a fruit. And like most fruits, avocados contain a fair amount of carbohydrate. The majority of this is in the form of dietary fiber, with your average avocado providing you with 14 g.

Unlike most fruits however, avocados are also high in fat, most of which is in the form of heart healthy monounsaturated fat. It is for this reason avocados are quite energy dense, with a 200 g avocado having 320 calories.

Many nutrients like vitamins A, D, E and K are fat soluble, which is why it is often recommended that you eat an avocado together with foods that are high in these vitamins, in order to increase absorption rates.

Some of the benefits associated with eating avocados include their ability to lower cholesterol levels, protect your eye health, prevent cancer and assist with weight management.

There’s plenty of ways to enjoy avocados: mash them up and spread them over toast like you would ordinary butter, add them to smoothies or use them to prepare fresh guacamole.

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Blueberries, blackberries, strawberries and raspberries are all chock-full of nutrients. However, the one nutrient that they contain very large quantities of is vitamin C. In fact, when compared weight for weight, strawberries contain more vitamin C than oranges do.

Berries (and especially blueberries) also rank very high when it comes to antioxidant content. They are a rich source of flavonoids and are believed to contain the highest antioxidant capacity among common vegetables and fruits. As previously mentioned, antioxidants are important because they help to fight off disease.

Berries are generally lower in calories and sugar than other types of fruit. This means they come in handy when trying to lose weight, especially if you have a sweet tooth. Eating berries may also help lower blood pressure, prevent heart disease and improve brain function.

One way to enjoy berries is by preparing homemade sorbet, which can be eaten as an alternative to ice cream. All you have to do is freeze some berries in an air tight bag overnight and then blend them in a food processor until they are a nice creamy consistency.

10 foods highest in vitamins and minerals
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What Vitamins Are in Peanuts?
By Michelle Lawson

According to the Peanut Institute, peanuts contain fats, protein and fiber that are beneficial in promoting health and reducing the risk of chronic diseases. Peanut butter and peanuts contain almost half the 13 essential vitamins that are necessary for body growth and maintenance.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is an antioxidant that protects the vitamin A in our bodies. In addition, it protects our cells and tissues from damage. Vitamin E has been known to boost the immune system by stimulating production of natural killer cells that destroy cancer and germ cells. It can also contribute to reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. One ounce of dry-roasted peanuts contains 25 percent of the recommended daily intake of vitamin E. The Mayo Clinic states that the daily dietary amount for adults is 15 mg.


Niacin is a B vitamin and is important in the release of energy from foods we consume. It also aids in maintaining healthy skin as well as maintaining the digestive tract and nervous system. According to Vitamins-Supplements, niacin is powerful in lowering cholesterol levels, alleviating depression and insomnia; a niacin deficiency affects every cell in your body. Deficiencies may also lead to muscle weakness and skin lesions. One serving of peanuts contains 19 percent of the recommended daily intake of niacin.


Folate, also known as folic acid, is essential in many body functions. Our bodies need folate for DNA repair and DNA synthesizing. During periods of rapid cell division, folate is necessary for growth and producing healthy red blood cells. Folate deficiencies carry many health risks, such as cancer development due to DNA synthesis and neural tube defects in developing embryos. The Office of Dietary Supplements states that the recommended daily dosage of folate for male and female adults is 400mg. A single serving of peanuts offers 10 percent of the recommended daily intake of folate.


Peanuts contain riboflavin, and vitamin that is necessary to maintain healthy skin and normal eye functioning. Riboflavin is a water-soluble vitamin that is not stored in the body. Leftover amounts of this vitamin leave the body through the urine; therefore, it must be restored daily. According to the Institute of Medicine, the daily recommended intake of riboflavin varies on age and gender.

In großen Teilen Hessens ist das Telefonnetz gestört, auch die Notrufe 110 und 112. Laut Feuerwehr sind Telefonnummern mit der Vorwahl mit 06 nicht erreichbar. Vereinzelt gibt es auch Störungen außerhalb Hessens. #Health #Legal #Lifestyle #Notfälle #Religion #Science

Saliva Glands for Immune and Detoxification Regulation

The salivary glands produce saliva through a system of ducts which makes them exocrine glands (secretes into a duct). We have three paired major salivary glands (parotid, submandibular, and sublingual) as well as hundreds of minor salivary glands which can be classified as serous, mucous or seromucous (mixed).

In conventional care, these glands are only evaluated for pathology which leaves their function, and contribution to health, completely overlooked. However, these glands act as much more than just pre-digestive agents. It is likely that they act as a specialized chemical tagging system that orchestrate removal of harmful substances entering the body. Failure of this system can result in an increased burden to the rest of the detoxification organs, such as the liver, and may result in histological and immunological reactions (such as allergies, inflammation, and recurrent illness patterns).

Although more research is needed, for years many physicians have used parotid gland extracts with great outcomes that very much need to be explored.
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WHO also convenes emergency committee to decide if outbreak now constitutes an international health emergency. #Ebola #DemocraticRepublicoftheCongo #Africa #Health
Dhaka University research team conducts two separate tests within a month to find antibiotics in five major milk brands. #Asia #Bangladesh #Health
What’s wrong with Angela Merkel? As a doctor, I will sit out the pop quiz | Ranjana Srivastava #AngelaMerkel #Health #Worldnews #Doctors #Gender #Germany #Cancer #Europe

Great Doctors Treat the Patient not just the Lab Number

"When I started practicing medicine, I often checked thyroid blood tests. At that time, I ignored the patient's signs and symptoms if the lab tests were normal. Now, I am more convinced than ever that solely relying on the patient's blood tests without taking in to account the physical exam as well as the patient's history will result in a misdiagnosis for many patients." - David Brownstein, MD (thyroid specialist)
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Argentine doctor credited for bringing coronary artery bypass surgery into clinical field, saving thousands of lives. #Argentina #LatinAmerica #Health
The Guardian view on abortion in Northern Ireland: standing up for women’s rights | Editorial #Abortion #NorthernIreland #NorthernIrishpolitics #Women #LGBTrights #Worldnews #UKnews #Health #Marriage #Family
Deliberately withholding medical treatment in Egyptian prisons and elsewhere amounts to torture, according to experts. #Egypt #Health #HumanRights #MiddleEast #Africa #AmnestyInternational
Father in French right-to-die case says removal of son's life support is 'murder' #France #Health #Europe #Society #Worldnews
Ride-hailing app Careem was bought by Uber for $3bn, but what are the challenges facing start-ups in the Middle East? #Business&Economy #Qatar #MiddleEast #Health #Science&Technology

Acid Reflux = Not Enough Acid

Stomach as a Blender

Normal pH of the stomach is approximately 1.2 (that's super acid)! When you eat, the acid liquefies your food into a substance called chyme. This happens while your stomach is churning which makes it sort of like your own personal blender.

When digestion is not complete there is bloating and irritation.

The Lower Esophageal Sphincter (LES)

When digestive function is poor (not enough acid produced) then the food will sit and stew (at close to 100 degrees). The body is reluctant to let it pass through the pyloric valve (the lower valve that empties the stomach into the intestines) because it is not ready. The pressure of gas and bloat pushes up and irritates the LES until one day it no longer fully closes. This allows for acid to splash up where it should never be causing acid reflux.

Hypochlorhydria (low stomach acid production)

Acid reflux is from a small amount of acid in the wrong place because there was is enough acid to complete the process of digestion.

Antacids Shut Down Normal Function

Acid production is normal physiology. The patients that come to me after long term antacid use are typically the most problematic. They may initially experience relief (acid reflux reduced) but because their digestion function is further compromised they eventually get severe lower tract irritation and malabsorption problems (IBS, IBD, etc.).


Reduce causative factors (dietary and lifestyle) while improving digestive function. Start by eliminating grains, starches, sugars, beans, and milk while taking an enzyme/HCl supplement with meals. The goal is to reduce irritation which allows for improved function. Stubborn cases should seek help from a qualified doctor.
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More than 40 Swiss military staff hit with vomiting bug #Switzerland #Europe #Worldnews #Health #Foodsafety
Refugee advocates say medical care bill is vital to ensuring the health of refugees in offshore processing centres. #Australia #Refugees #Health #Nauru #PapuaNewGuinea #UnitedStates
Another view of modern Hungary | Letter #Hungary #Europe #Worldnews #ViktorOrbán #Censorship #Abortion #Health #Women
Case of deadly virus confirmed by South Sudan health ministry in a report seen by The Associated Press. #SouthSudan #DemocraticRepublicoftheCongo #Ebola #Africa #Health

Intestinal Villi Degradation

The high plasticity of the intestinal mucosa allows response to exogenous agents, such as food presence or absence, and to pathologic situations. Such response consists of changes in villus height and crypt depth, villus density and rate of epithelial loss (Boleli et al., 2002).

A. poor villi density with compromised mucosal integrity
B. healthy villi depth and density
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The first US Democratic debate kicked off on Wednesday, with 10 candidates on stage. What did they say? #USElections2020 #UnitedStates #US&Canada #Iran #Health #Immigration
With encephalitis deaths mounting in Muzaffarpur district, the crisis exposes Bihar state's neglected health sector. #India #Health #Asia
The crippled public health sector is in dire need of revival as children pay the price of negligence. #Asia #Pakistan #Health
UK and Dutch veterans to work with archaeologists at site where thousands were treated

A group of 25 British and Dutch military veterans are to join the first ever excavation of the main field hospital established by the Duke of Wellington during the Battle of Waterloo.

The former soldiers, sailors and RAF personnel will work with archaeologists, led by Prof Tony Pollard of Glasgow University, to explore the farm buildings of Mont-St-Jean, where thousands of wounded soldiers received primitive first aid as shot and shell rained down on them. #Archaeology #Military #Post-traumaticstressdisorder #Belgium #Netherlands #NapoleonBonaparte #Science #Mentalhealth #Society #Health
Mehrere hundert Menschen haben in Wolfhagen an den getöteten nordhessischen Regierungspräsidenten Lübcke erinnert. In Kassel protestierten mehr als 1000 Menschen gegen Rechtsextremismus und Gewalt. #Business #Education #Entertainment #Health #Legal #Lifestyle #MordfallLübcke #Politics #Rechtsextremismus #Religion #Science #Technology #Wolfhagen
New research says people from BAME backgrounds may be more vulnerable to loneliness and face barriers in accessing help. #Europe #UnitedKingdom #Health #Mentalhealth
Despite overall confidence in safety and effectiveness of vaccines, high-income countries show lowest levels of trust. #Health #Science&Technology #Science #Europe #Asia #Africa
Uganda begins a vaccination campaign for people who may have been exposed to the Ebola virus. #Africa #Uganda #Health
Opposition accuses government of neglecting children's health as encephalitis outbreak kills scores in Bihar state. #Health #Asia #India
We meet the health workers of Kabul's Red Cross Orthopaedic Centre giving amputees new limbs and a new lease of life. #Health #Afghanistan #War&Conflict #Asia #War
Die Polizei hat einen Tatverdächtigen im Fall des getöteten Regierungspräsidenten Walter Lübcke festgenommen. Laut Medien soll die Spur in die rechtsextremistische Szene führen. #Health #Kassel #KriminalfallLübcke #Legal #Lifestyle #Religion #Science #Wolfhagen
The number of HIV cases in southern Pakistan has spiked, and children seem to be the most affected. #Asia #Pakistan #Health
Experts say pollution from surrounding oilfields is one of the reasons why Basra has the highest rate of cancer in Iraq. #MiddleEast #Iraq #Health
As war continues to cripple Afghanistan, health workers are restoring the limbs, and lives, of their patients. #Health #Afghanistan #War #Asia #War&Conflict
The government is launching an emergency vaccination campaign, to immunise doctors and health workers on the frontline. #Africa #Uganda #Health
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